Installing Tortoise SVN

Those using STS as an IDE would need Tortoise SVN to check out the code. Use this link to install it on your windows machine. If you are using Linux, these tools are already there.

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Change of Development IDE

Except for Thomas and one other person, most of you are building mass market facing application. Basically you are building an application whose users you cannot predict in terms of numbers. Thomas is building a human resource Appliaction which probably has a cap of like 60 000. I doubt there is a company that can employ that many people in Zambia.

SO, the rest of you we are going to use a cloud infrastructure provided by Google. Good news is it is easy to use and bad news is we are changing the IDE from Netbeans to Eclipse or the branded eclipse called STS. It is still java and no need to panic.

I will provide most of the instructions on how to use it on Wednesday. And before, that you have to download STS from the link given and there is the first bandwidth challenge right there. Go to this link and accept to download STS (Branded Eclipse)

You don’t have to fill out the form. Just click on the checkbox ..I agree and accept the .. and then click on the link below the download button which says

(I’d rather not fill in the form. Just take me to the download page)

From the download page get the installer it the zip file. The Install is small and the zip is big but easy to install because all you have to do is just unzip and click on the exe file and you are good to go

Will give the instructions in Wednesday meeting on how to set up the rest of the IDE. You can borrow a project so you project my chats for all to see or we can do skype if you guys have enough bandwidth.

See you Wednesday

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Links for setting up Development Environment

Clayton, Mazuzyo, Mwape and Malyata

Hi Folks. Here are some links for you to get started. We shall use GWT for the presentation to the web and, yes we shall have a web services layer using Apache REST to take data to the rest of the clients. Here are some links to read up on how to work netbeans with Google APP Engine. Ignore those links I sent.

So the steps to install GWT and GAE are

GWT is easy just go to

there lots of videos on how to install that

Download latest GWT from here, specifically GWT SDK latest version 2.2.0


again Ignore those links I sent. Download from here Google App Engine SDK for Java

and then follow instructions from here

choose 6.9

Right now you should be finalising your domain models. There are some people who have already started coding even before putting the domain model in place and that is shocking for a final year computer science student building a big project. Any way here are the steps you follow if you want to build a large software application.

All else start with the requirements which you have researched and done and it was a matter of sitting down and building the model and here is how you document requirements

1) You go and find the problem space or Domain you are going to work in. A domain is just a context. For example in a Hospital domain, your will find entities like Nurse, Drugs, Hospital, Doctor, etc and in a University Domain you will find entities like Lecturer, Students, Subjects etc. Entities are basically nouns or noun phrases found in a particular domain.

2) Second you now identify how those entities are related and what is their cardinality or multiplicity. There are five core UML relationships you can use to capture those relationships and there are associations, aggregation, composition, inheritance and dependency. For Example Lecturer and Students in a University domain have an association relationship with a 1 to Many cardinality depending on where you are navigating from. And it reads like this: A lecturer teaches one Subject. A subject is taught by One or Many Lecturers.

So you need to find these associations in your model after you have identified them

3) You now assign or distribute behavior or responsibilities to your model. For example you could assign the responsibility of total Number of students taking a subject to a Subject Entity and so on

4) You now need to partition your application read up this article and also download this free book on how to do domain driven design . It is a free ebook if you register

Hope that helps

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We are back from holidays

Just to announce that we are back from holidays and ready to start working with you guys on your projects as we drive them to implementation phase now. We hope you have a good break as we did. Hopefully, you have been working your tasks and logs in Dot Project to just keep things up to date and easy to track where you are in the project cycle.

If you have not updated you tasks, please do so. During this week we shall try to get up to speed with each individual or groups and just see where things are and where they are headed

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Can you choose a class rep or a leader

OK we understand your exams are now over. We need to start making serious progress. Could you kindly pick a student rep or leader ..whatever you choose to call that person. We basically want somebody who can coordinate future events and meetings. Somebody who can keep us updated on your affairs, in case we are slow or pushing things too fast or not meeting your needs. Please let the leader e-mail their phone number as well.

We are planning for a one day workshop to show you how to check out code and commit your changes to a repository. Details will be made available soon as soon as we check out people’s schedules, hence the need of a class rep.

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Inform us when your exams are out of the way

Ok, it has come to our attention that you are busy with exams. Please let us know as soon as you are free so we can resume work on the various projects.

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Is there a problem?????

We did a review of the progress on the projects assigned so far and we have not seen any activities on your project management tool and that is a big concern for us. Is there a problem? What is going on? We expected everybody by now to have entered their tasks and logs on what you plan to do during the duration of the project and it is part of the documentation building process and we expected the Gantt charts to be in place. Tasks like things you need to do and the time lines should have been in place by now.Even simple things like draft the spec should be in the system by now. This is your planner and we need to see that!!!

Is there fear to use the system? I am sure you have notes on your notebooks somewhere in your room or on your flash drive. The truth is if you have something and have not put it down where somebody else can see, it basically does not exist. If you have activities of what you have been doing and the plans and you have not put it on the project system, then you basically have been doing nothing and we can’t see what you are struggling with. And it will be hard to help you. IF SOMETHING HAS NOT BE WRITTEN DOWN FOR SOMEBODY TO SEE, IT DOES NOT EXIST.

This thread is open for comments, can you post your comments, issues or concerns, you can post anonymously if you prefer. We just want to know what is happening and see what we can do to help.

Perhaps with the exception of those on ongoing projects, can the rest please update your tasks today before close of business so that we map out the road map and budget for the online resources you will need.

Those on ongoing projects should be integrated into the projects fully by the end of this week. Am sure you are receiving e-mails of activities going on in those projects.

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Tools and Ropes for climbing

Right, projects are all assigned now and looks like everybody will either fall into a PHP camp or Java Camp. First, note that there is no one person who has all the talent ingredients to produce a quality piece of software. Even though you will be assessed individually, you will work with a team on our end and you will have specific tasks and targets which will be used for your assessment. Some of you will be on projects with 7 to 9 members, in fact all of you will work with somebody from our end in delivering the product.

One non negotiable skill that you need to bring to the table is how to work in a collaborative environment. This post is meant to help you pick on this skill. All the code base will be under version control and I have here a download link for introduction to VC if you have never heard about it and you can google about it for details.

  Introduction to Version Control-Subversion (355.7 KiB, 361 hits)

As said earlier the Projects are either PHP or JAVA. Netbeans is a good IDE for both languages. At Hashcode we tend to work with X.X.X versions as they tend to be more stable. Right now the most stable version is 6.9.1 .

Some of you have been asked to create accounts on If you have not been asked or created one for yourself please do so and send your kenai user name.

Below are some of the links to get you up to speed with Kenai and Netbeans. When you create a Kenai account, it will give you the ability to create 5 projects. Create your own toy project to just get a feel of how kenai works.

Good Guide to Netbeans and Kenai
Opening a Kenai Project in NetBeans IDE
Creating a Kenai Project in NetBeans IDE

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Accounts credentials e-mailed to everyone

Everyone should have received the login credentials by now. If you have not please get in touch ASAP. You mission by end of next week is to have your tasks entered into the system. Those on Projects that are already ongoing. Just get in touch so we scope your part.

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Okay lets get started

Right, everybody has a project pretty much by now and it is time to start working. The first thing that you need to master in the next 5 days is how to use the project management tool. The Tool we shall be using is called Dot Project, which is used by many International organisations to manage their projects. There is a downloadlink below for notes from one of the UN projects. Just focus on the Tasks and logs section. Within the next two days you will receive an e-mail with your credentials to login into the project site found on this link and will add the link to this site.

The core part of the project is to first create a A Task. A Task has begin date and end date. A task has also a description of what you are going to do. There is also a LOG to the Task. A log is basically the activities that you have finished during that day. When you update the log you need to specify the % of work that you have done. I am sure you have heard of GANTT chart. Don’t worry about it so much. Just focus on the Tasks and the GANTT chart will be automatically generated by the system.

Also lets move all communication to the Forum within your projects. Am getting confused dealing with e-mails that you are sending in. Also I will enable the comments on this thread so people can ask questions and raise whatever they want to raise.

Some of you will be put on Projects with South African students, especially projects we have said are in progress. You will receive additional e-mails from those mailing lists. This applies to the ticketing project and the Human Resource project.

  Dot Project User GUIDE from a UN Project (1.6 MiB, 1,211 hits)

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